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La liste des chaînes Préparer par: demarrer

mise à jour chaque semaine

 Demarrer on line --->UNITED ARAB EMIRATES:

Al Arabiya    Arabic news channel from Dubai.

DUBAI EDTV     National station from the emirates.

 Demarrer on line --->TUNISIA:

TV 7    Recorded daily news.

Tunesia TV     National TV station.

 Demarrer on line --->SYRIA:

Syria TV     Government Television.

 Demarrer on line --->IRAN:

al alam General TV station

Amouzesh TV    General TV station.

Alkawthar     National TV Station with various programmes.

Jam e Jam 3     Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting.

Morkazi TV    General TV station.

Shiraz TV    TV station located in Shiraz.

Zahedan TV     Zahedan TV - Mk Fani (broadcast time: from 1:00 GMT to 8:30 GMT).

 Demarrer on line --->JORDAN:

Jordan TV     News broadcasts.

 Demarrer on line --->ALGERIA:

ENTV     News and sports.

 Demarrer on line --->EGYPT:

Sat 7    Satelite channel for the Christians of the Middle East and North America.

SIS TV     Egypt State Information Service

. Demarrer on line --->IRAQ:

Alforat TV     National satellite channel.

Alsharqia TV    News TV station.

 Demarrer on line --->KUWAIT:

KTV 1     National news station.

KTV 3     State television.

KTV 4     Kuwait General TV station.

Demarrer on line --->LIBYA:

LJBC     News, sports, Radio and TV broadcasting.

TITV    TITV brings you documentaries.

 Demarrer on line --->QATAR:

Al Jazeera     Sports channel.

 Demarrer on line --->SAUDI ARABIA:

Al Majd TV     General Television station.

Alekhbariya TV     News TV from the Ministry Of Culture & Information.

Alriyadiah     Sports TV.

Saudi TV 1     Provided by King Abdulaziz City for Science & Technology.


 Demarrer on line ---> ARMENIA:

Armenian Talk Show     Azatutyun Radiokayan TV Program.

Armenian Daily News     Recorded News from Washington.

 Demarrer on line --->ALBANIA: 

Top Channel     News TV channel.


RTVA     General TV station.


ABS     General TV Station.


CBA TV     Located in Cordoba.

SRT Canal 10     General TV station which broadcasts from thew province of Cordoba.

Canal Luz     General Television station.

CMTV     Music TV station from Buenos Aires.

Canal 26     News station.

 Demarrer on line --->ARUBA:

Bo Canal 24    General TV station.

Tele Aruba    General TV station with news.

 Demarrer on line --->AUSTRALIA:

ACC     The Australian Christian TV broadcasts on TV channel 49 of OPTUS television.

National Nine News     Recorded news headlines.

 Demarrer on line --->AUSTRIA:

Kits TV     Live streaming video from Kitzbuehel.

TV 6     Erotic TV.

TW 1     Info about tourism and weather.

 Demarrer on line --->AZERBAIJAN:

AZTV     The Azerbaijan State TV.

GunAZ TV    Issues of North and South Azerbaijan, music, politics.


 Demarrer on line --->BAHRAIN:

Discover Islam TV     Religious TV.

 Demarrer on line --->BELARUS:

Belarus TV     First National TV station

 Demarrer on line --->BELGIUM:

VTM Weer     Weather forcast.

Radio Donna     Radio station from Belgium with live studio view.

RTV     Recorded Flemish news.

Demarrer on line --->BENIN:

LC2    International news.

Demarrer on line --->BOLIVIA:

Megavision     From Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Redadvenir     Christian TV station.

Demarrer on line --->BOSNIA&HERZ.:

RTRS-TV     National Television station.

VOA Bosnia     Voice of America with Bosnian News.

 Demarrer on line --->BRAZIL:

AllTV     100% live content with on-line chat; 24/7 in some weeks.

Band Sports     Sports TV.

Canal 21     Movies and news station.

TV Amazon    TV station located in Manaus.

 Demarrer on line --->BRUNEI DARIS.:

RTB     National TV station.

 Demarrer on line --->BULGARIA:

Euro Folk     European Folklore.


 Demarrer on line --->CANADA:

CPAC 1 Enlish     English speaking general TV station from Ottawa.

CPAC 1 French     French speaking general TV station from Ottawa.

Northbay     Local TV from Ontario.

TVC 9    Local TV.

 Demarrer on line --->CHILE:

Chilevision     Located in Santiago.

Universidad del Mar    University channel located in Antofagasta.

 Demarrer on line --->CHINA:

Anhui TV     Located in Hefei City.

CCTV-4     CCTV-4 mainly serves overseas audiences and residents in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

CCTV-9     CCTV International (CCTV-9) is the English-language TV channel of China Central Television.

Tianjin 7     Entertainment.

XATV-1     TV Live Broadcast Xian City.

XATV-2     TV Live Broadcast Xian City.

 Demarrer on line --->COLOMBIA:

RCN TV     News broadcast from Colombia. Live transmisions.

Teleanioquia    Local TV station from Medellin.

 Demarrer on line --->COSTA RICA:

Canal 23     Christian TV.

 Demarrer on line --->CROATIA:

OTV    Local TV from Zagreb.

HTV 1     News programmes, education and science programmes.

Demarrer on line --->CUBA:

Cubavision     General Television station.

TV Cubana     News station.

 Demarrer on line --->CYPRUS:

CYBC     General Television Station.

CySat     General Television Station.

 Demarrer on line --->CZECH REP.:

Top TV    Family TV .

OCKO TV     Populair Music Television station.


 Demarrer on line --->DENMARK:

4 Sport    Sport Channel.


CDN TV     Noticias desde Rep. Dom. 24h al dia.

ColorVision     General Television Station.

Super TV 55     Music TV station.


 Demarrer on line --->ECUADOR:

Cable Deportes     General Television station.

Cable Noticias     News station.

ETV Telerama     Local TV.

Gamavision     General Television station.

TCTV     General Television station.


 Demarrer on line --->ESTONIA:

Life TV     Christian chanel from Tallinn.

Riigikogu     Live webcasting of Parliament. Not always online - Check schedule on website.


 Demarrer on line --->FINLAND:

Malax TV     Small lokal TV-station.

Taru TV    Arts and diversity.

YLE News     Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE).

 Demarrer on line --->FRANCE:

BFM TV    News and Entertainment.

Direct 8    General TV station from the group Bollere.

Art Channel    Television as Art.

Bloomberg TV     A 24-hour financial news TV that reports news that moves markets.

Cybertika     Music TV.

Senat     News Station.

Normandie TV     Local TV from Alencon.

TFC TV     Toulouse Football Club TV.


 Demarrer on line --->GEORGIA:

Imedi    Georgian TV-Company. News, music, TV-shows, movies, serials and sport.

Rustavi 2    Independent Georgian Broadcasting Company.

 Demarrer on line --->GERMANY:

Astro TV     Astrology TV channel.

TV Halle     Local TV of Halle city in Germany.

Tunespoon     Music Videos.

ZDF     On of the main public TV stations of Germany.

Strip news     Naked news from Germany!

 Demarrer on line --->GREECE:

ERT Sat     National TV Station.

Mad TV     Music TV with Greek and mainly international music.

OPA TV     Greek Music Videos and Greek movies.

 Demarrer on line --->HONG KONG:

HKA TV    General TV station with recorded news.

 Demarrer on line --->HUNGARY:

FLP TV     Interactive tv-station with internet-news, games, talkshows.

Halom TV     TV station from the city of Szazhalombatta.

M2 TV     Hungarian national TV 2.

Party TV     A view into the nightclubs and disco's of Hungary.

MTV     News , entertainment, music, film,sport.

Supernet TV     General Internet TV station.


Demarrer on line --->ICELAND:

Altingi    A live broadcasting of the Icelandic senate.

Popptivi     Pop music.

Skjar 1     General TV.

 Demarrer on line --->INDIA:

Doordarshan    National TV broadcasting station.

NetGuruIndia     Nice broadcast of News in multiple languages (eg. Tamil, Hindi, Gujarati and other).

 Demarrer on line --->INDONESIA:

TRI TV     Public internet TV station.




Ireland Live Television     News TV.

 Demarrer on line --->ISRAEL:

IBA Channel 3     You can watch magazines, news, movies, TV-series and more.

EGO    Adult clips.

Kabbalah     Bnei baruch - israel brings you the wisdom of kabbalah - kabbalah lessons, kabbalah music...

WFM     Web-based radio for youngsters.

 Demarrer on line --->ITALY:

24 Ore TV     General Television station.

Class News     All news from Milan.

La 7     General Television station.

Magic TV     Music TV station.

Video Italia     Music TV station with Italian music.

Rai News     Live news broadcast.

Rai Sports     Live sport events.

Music Box     Populair music Television channel.

Telecapri     Sport channel with soccer.

RTL 102.5     Populiar music Television channel.

Deejay TV     Populiar music.


 Demarrer on line --->JAMAICA:

Reggae Sun TV     Music TV station.

 Demarrer on line --->JAPAN:

Oh!sama TV    Music channel provided by King Records.

Channel J     General Television station.

FNN     News From The Fuji News Network.


TFMI Channel     Internet Interactive Channel.

JAL TV     Japanese Airlines TV.

So-Net TV     General Television station.



KTV     General Television station.

ROJ TV     TV station for the Kurdish community located in Denmark.


 Demarrer on line --->LATVIA:

Eurosports     Fighting sports.

STV     Music, news, culture and other information. Internet TV station.

TV 5     Online TV in Riga, reality show, interactive live broadcasts.

 Demarrer on line --->LEBANON:

Future TV     Recorded News broadcast.

Manar TV     General TV station with news.

 Demarrer on line --->LITHUANIA:

TVLT     General TV station with news, music, movies and more...

 Demarrer on line --->LUXEMBURG:

RTL     General TV station with sports, news, culture and music.


Demarrer on line --->MACEDIONIA:

A 1     Evening news.

TV TELMA     Daily recorded news broadcast from Macedonia.

 Demarrer on line --->MALAYSIA:

Cyberjaya TV     Live streaming from Malaysia's ICT hub.

RTM TV 1    Sport, news, entertainment, movies etc.

RTM TV 2    Public TV broadcasting.

 Demarrer on line --->MALTA:

Net TV     A private TV station viewing starts 07.00 to 24.00 daily with sports.

Smash TV     Local TV from Paola.

Super 1     General Television station.

TVM     Malta's national television station.

Demarrer on line --->MAURITIUS:

MBC     News will be broadcast live on the Internet as from 7:30 p.m (GMT +4).

 Demarrer on line --->MEXICO:

Canal 11 TV      General Television station.

Multimedios     Music TV located in Monterrey.

ONCE TV IPN     TV ch. of Politecnic National Institute IPN from Mexico city.

Teleformula     Talk, News, Entertainment and Sports.

VideoRola     Music TV channel.

XEJ TV    Local TV from Cd Juarez, Chihuahua.

 Demarrer on line --->MONGOLIA:

TV 5     Live between 19:00 to 24:00 GMT+08:00.


 Demarrer on line --->NETHERLANDS:

Consumenten TV    Channel for consumers.

DDS     Experimental TV sometimes with RTL5.

Hollanddoc     24 hour / 7 day a week documentary station.

Exploding TV    International film festival in Rotterdam.

Omroep Zeeland     Regional Television Station.

Omreop Gelderland     Regional TV station.

RTLZ     Live financial news (only during office times, GMT)

RTV Oost     Regional TV station.

TMF    The Music Factory.

VPRO     Live Concerts, MusicClipc, and interviews.

 Demarrer on line --->NEW ZEALAND:

Shine TV     National Christian Television.


100 Noticias     Nicaragua. News 24 hours at day streaming video.

Telenica Canal 8    Second leading television network from Managua.

 Demarrer on line --->NIGERIA:

ANITV     All Nigerian Internet Television.

 Demarrer on line --->NORWAY:

DN     General Television station.


 Demarrer on line --->OMAN:

TV Oman     National TV Station.


 Demarrer on line --->PAKISTAN:

PTV 2     Pakistani Entertainment, watch movies, songs, talkshows, news, musicshows and all.

Demarrer on line --->PALESTINIA:

PSC TV     Palestinian Satellite TV.

 Demarrer on line --->PANAMA:

TVN     Live from Panama City.

 Demarrer on line --->PERU:

America TV    Located in Lima.

TNP     Peru`s national TV station mainly featuring News,Talk,cultural music and educational programmes.

 Demarrer on line --->PHILIPPINES:

Ang Dating Daan 2     Live from Manila.

UNTV     Balanced, quality programming, value-laden shows, and public service.

 Demarrer on line --->POLAND:

ITV     Live from Warsaw.

MTK     Regional Program from Tarnow.

Toya TV    Local TV.

TVN GRA    Call TV with interactive games, quizes and more fun.

TV Trwam     Religious Program with News.

TVFLY     Internet TV station with pop and hip hop video clips.

 Demarrer on line --->PORTUGAL